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Thought I'd do an update on here, gotten around 25k of my SamDean Otp mini bang written, so surprised by the fact I have managed to do it. When I signed up for it originally, I can honestly say that I thought the chances of me hitting the required 10K mark was laughable but I have shown to myself that I can do it Woooo!!

Been posting my fics for hc_bingo on LJ as well gotten around 6 of them written, been a wee writing kick at the moment, just need get myself started on Kink Bingo but wanted to wait until I have my other writing projects out the way especially my mini bang. Drafts are due in at the beginning of August and I still have a good bit to go before I am anywhere near finished!!

On another note, my Uni term has been done since May but right now I am sitting in the Uni library on my laptop just to try get some writing done along with some work before I start back, no harm in doing some reading to know what I am getting me a chance to think of dissertation topics as well. God I can't wait until September comes around, getting so bored and all I want to do is get back to studying! !
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