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Title: I want a hug
Author: [info]belladonnanoir 
[info]hc_bingo  Prompt: Hugs
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Word Count:

Warning: Some cursing and the smallest bit of Wincest so if your not keen on the brother's pairing, I would avoid!
Summary: Dean see's Sam giving everyone hugs except for him and he's not happy about it. When Sam talks to him about it, things are confessed...does he get a hug or a punch?


HC_Bingo Prompt: Hugs )
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So yeah I decided that with all the writing challenges that I needed to do another one. I joined the Reverse BigBang on LJ. I'm really looking forward to this, I have to claim a piece of artwork and then write a fic of a minimum of 3000 words. Have to admit this is a big difference to what I normally do doing the fic after the art.

You should come join me, it's going to be a lot of fun!!

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Thought I'd update on my writing. At the moment I am sitting just under 30k for my SamDean-OTP fic, so freaking shocked by this, I just keep finding more things to write about. I would say I'm coming towards the end but I may go back through it and change some bits. I have used a whole arrangement of my favourite characters and have really taken a fancy to the thought of a historical Dean Winchester...I mean come on, can you not imagine that sexy man in chainmail and a sword in his hand....seriously I think my Uni course is warping my mind these days, finding men in chainmail a very big turn on lol.

I'm not sure exactly where the story is going, I do have a rough idea that I have sketched out but whether it ends that way remains to be seen, I mean I have literally just written a chapter straight off the top of my head because I felt it was worth adding, I hadn't originally put it into my final plan of the fic. Sometimes, I find I work best that way, just writing and making the storyline as I go along, it can be fun as well, even I don't know how my stories will end up!

Not managed to get anything else written, all my focus is going on my SamDean-OTP fic so I can get my draft sent in by the 15th. I'm actually determined to have the story finished by then which will give me time to tweak it and perfect it!

Anyway think it's time for bed, it's 02.03AM in the incredibly quiet north part of Glasgow. Think it's time for sleep and back to the writing tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone!!
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Title: Tales of Hell
Summary: Hell has stories too.
Written by[info]somnolentblue 
Audio by[info]belladonnanoir 
Text can be found at:  [info]somnolentblue 's journals: ( Live Journal ); Dreamwidth ); listen to the audio sections embedded with the text at AO3 ).
Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me, and I make no profit from my audio.
Podficcer's Notes: I would like to thank [info]somnolentblue  for all her hard work, without your amazing talent there would not have been such an interesting concept for the fic. I enjoyed our emails back and forth trying to decide what angles to go for during the whole process. I would also like to thank my fiance, James, who helped me during recording; if some bits sounded off, he was there to help give me advice to sort it.

MP3 Download: Here )
Podbook Download: Here )
Zip file of all 5 tracks: Here )

First Post

Jul. 5th, 2011 09:48 am
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First time on Dreamwidth, joined as I am doing a pod-together with [personal profile] somnolentblue
The story is amazing and I am so pleased to have been a part of it, I just hope that I can do it justice!

Guess now I'm here, I will be posting more and more, you have been warned *evil laugh*

Anyhow I think this is enough for my first post but I am really excited to be here :D


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